Live Concert


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Live Concert

Broadcast your live concert event using our digital Billboard Truck Signage to increase your visibility.

The success of a live performance is often dependent on a well-orchestrated promotional campaign that creates anticipation and excitement. An LED billboard truck can play a key role in generating the buzz that drives ticket sales and ensures a full house. Announcing limited seating or specific performance dates strategically can pack the venue by leveraging FOMO for the main event. An LED billboard truck campaign, complete with surround sound, can captivate concert-goers with enticing video and music snippets.


Expand YourAudience

Employing a digital advertising truck can significantly boost the likelihood of a full-house event. While traditional online marketing strategies might miss some audiences, LED billboard mobile promotion ensures no potential fan is left unreached. An LED truck billboard is an excellent way to build excitement and stimulate interest by offering previews of the upcoming event to potential attendees.

Leveraging digital truck graphics could be the key to securing a sold-out event. Mobile signage is an effective complement to conventional online marketing techniques, ensuring you reach every possible enthusiast. This approach allows you to generate buzz and pique the curiosity of prospective attendees with sneak peeks of the upcoming event. Digital Advertising Trucks, equipped with mobile 12-foot displays and crystal-clear surround sound, let you share teasers of the concert with people in high-traffic areas, particularly those with vibrant nighttime activities.


Inform your Audience

A mobile billboard is an indispensable element of any mobile roadshow, acting as an interactive tour bus that captures interest by sharing details about the performance or artists. The LED screens on the billboard can showcase a range of information, from ticket sales to tour dates and exclusive offers. Fans can also experience their favorite tunes through high-resolution stereo surround sound. A digital advertising truck can amplify this appeal, drawing more fans to shows, festivals, and other live events.

Open Air Play

With a digital advertising truck equipped with high-resolution stereo, your message resonates further, allowing you to dominate the airwaves at outdoor venues by streaming both music and video footage of stage events. Attract crowds and entice onlookers to become part of the live performance experience. A digital advertising truck enables you to entertain, inform, and promote, expanding your follower base with engaging visuals and immersive surround sound.


High Tech LED and Sound System

Run up the score with maximum exposure at the next big sporting event! A dazzling LED display captures the crowd’s attention and delivers your message!

Engage the overflow crowds at big events with brilliant 12-foot LED screens, complete with professional hi-res stereo sound. Central Florida’s best digital advertising trucks stream the action to those outside when the stadium’s full. Loyal fans can still watch the live action and listen to the play-by-play. No one misses out with live mobile digital billboards covering the event.

Stadium Events

Score big sales and meet your marketing goals with a mobile digital billboard truck that captures the attention of fans heading to the big game. Convert potential buyers into devoted customers by demonstrating your support for the local team. A mobile billboard with 12-foot screens and a high-resolution sound system guarantees your message is seen and heard. Gain a competitive advantage with a digital advertising truck at your side.


High Quality Service

Considering an outdoor viewing for your group to enjoy a World Series game or the Super Bowl? Or maybe you’re targeting soccer fans for a World Cup party? Utilize a digital advertising truck for a standout LED billboard truck experience. Our twelve-foot LED screens offer crisp, vibrant visuals and top-notch audio, making the game feel as thrilling as if you were there. We’re ready to set up a cost-effective viewing event for any group size, with the ability to live-stream sports events virtually anywhere.

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Our Mobile Billboard Digital Led Trucks are available for exclusive rental by the hour (4 hours minimum),per day, or weekly. We will use your advertising campaign using the slides or video provided by you or we can create your advertising campaign for an additional charge.