Activists get TV News Coverage with Digital Advertising Truck in Fight with Developers

date10 September , 2021

Advertising Truck in Fight with Developers

Grass Roots Opposition Gets Attention At County Hearing

Grassroots activists fighting a proposed Lake County housing development attracted plenty of news coverage by parking a Digital Advertising Truck with jumbo electronic billboards in front of a county commission meeting.

WFTV Channel 9 News Orlando, an ABC affiliate with nearly 50,000 viewers, covered the meeting live. The mobile digital billboard truck displayed information and pictures from StopMcKinninGroves, a local group that says that the project would be a “surburban nightmare” and an environmental disaster.

Digital Advertising Trucks are emerging as an increasingly popular method of generating “earned media” for political campaigns. Mobile digital billboards are also effective in social and environmental movements, petition drives, and other public outreach and communication efforts. Many organizations find mobile electronic billboards useful in fundraising drives.

Mobile billboard trucks make it easy for political candidates to meet and connect with voters. Campaigns and activists use Digital Advertising Trucks at local parks, shopping centers, and other high-traffic areas. They are equipped with a professional public address system and are especially effective at rallies and other large public gatherings.

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